Secure & Reliable Free Plans

Secure & Reliable

Over 1 million users have chosen Assembla to accelerate their projects and manage their code. All Assembla Projects are housed in datacenters with world-class physical security and firewalling, and come with 128-Bit SSL Encryption (HTTPS).

All repositories are stored in a SAN (Storage Area Network) with built-in backup w/ failover and redundancy. In addition, we sync to off-site backups to protect you against the extremely unlikely worst-case scenario data-loss where all datacenter systems fail permanently. We also give you the option to get your OWN backups delivered automatically to your own Amazon S3 storage account.

Please note, that while we do not guarantee our free services, we do want to build a long-term relationship with you. So, even if you sign up today for a free plan, and we discontinue that plan, we provide service for at least a year after you sign up. We will add and remove our Free offers to meet customer demand. Enjoy what we have posted today, and check back regularly for additional offerings!


Assembla is one of best software management tools for community driven Open Source projects. It's simple to use yet offers all the richness we need to be productive from day one. It marries free and paid services together which is ideal for OS projects that expect to become big. Assembla will be key in helping us to grow our Nooku community.

Johan Jansens, Lead Architect, Joomla 1.5, Founder, Nooku Project.