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Secure & Reliable

Over 1 million users have chosen Assembla to accelerate their projects and manage their code. Assembla's servers and SVN repositories are hosted in datacenters with world-class physical security and firewalling, and all accounts now come with 128-Bit SSL Encryption (HTTPS).

Your repositories are housed in a Storage Area Network with built-in backup and redundancy with triple failover protection. In addition, we synchronize to off-site backups to protect you against worst-case scenario data-loss where all datacenter systems fail permanently.

When you choose a free private subversion repo, you can keep your intellectual property safe from prying eyes; only those you invite to be a member of your space can see your code, and you can even set IP-restrictions for your subversion repository to restrict usage to specific computers and networks.

Why Assembla?

  • Best in Reliability
  • Best in Accessibility
  • Best in Features
  • Best in Innovation
  • Best Free Offer

Feature-Rich Subversion Hosting

All free subversion repositories include some great enhancements to make working with, and managing your code easier and more productive.

Web-Based Beautiful Code Browser
Code Browser

When you're working within your subversion repository, being able to view changesets, diffs, and examine your source code directly from inside the repo can save you time. With our beautiful code browser you can:

  • Changeset browser - see what is new, and what is changed.
  • Commits are linked to Assembla user profiles and reports.
  • Browse your source code with syntax highlighting and image rendering.
  • View as a Web Page - Instantly see your HTML pages rendered as web pages with images, CSS, and JS. Speeds Web design.
Team-Unifying Activity Stream
Activity Stream

Keep your team members up-to-date with the happenings in your project with our Activity Stream.

  • Multiple notification formats: Email, Web and RSS views of all events, including commits.
  • Use commit comments to link changesets to tickets. View related tickets from the code browser. View related changesets from your ticketing tool.
  • Pro Accounts can add the webhooks tool and even notify external systems after each commit.
Inline Code Commenting
Code Browser

Save time explaining or commenting on code via email by adding comments for individual lines of code or for entire changesets.

  • Explain and review code directly within the code browser.
  • View the comments tab for a complete log of previous comments.
  • Track recent comments in the easy to read activity stream.
  • Receive customizable email notifications of incoming comments to stay on top of things.

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