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Our best-of-breed tools, built on a secure & reliable platform enable your project's core team to plan, manage, report and collaborate with community members using simple, yet elegant workflows.

Our low-learning curve tools mean you and your team will spend less time showing your contributors the ropes, and more time can be spent getting things done.

To do this you’ll need a veritable swiss-army knife of tools, and when you choose Assembla's Free Public plan, that’s exactly what you’ll get:


Assembla is one of best software management tools for community driven Open Source projects. It's simple to use yet offers all the richness we need to be productive from day one. It marries free and paid services together which is ideal for OS projects that expect to become big. Assembla will be key in helping us to grow our Nooku community.

Johan Jansens, Lead Architect, Joomla 1.5, Founder, Nooku Project.

Work smarter, not harder. Our Integrated-Tools save time & effort

Our tightly-integrated and intelligent suite of tools can relieve your project team of a lot of the grunt work involved in maintaining complex projects. Your contributors and users will love assembla because of the ease with which they can fork the current development branch to immediately begin using or improving your code, contribute to documentation, view project tickets to see what features are currently being worked on, and because our tools have low-learning curves.

Most of our 25 best-of-breed tools are integrated with each other to help you increase your productivity and keep your project team focused on getting things done. For example, we've designed our ticketing and code repository tools so that you can easily link from your changesets to your tickets, and update the status of a ticket directly from your commit logs, saving you the extra step.

Other stand-out integration features you’ll find in Assembla tools include:

  • Team Unifying Activity Stream - Commits, Wiki Page Edits, File Uploads, Messages all unified in one place & available to your team & clients via Email, RSS & even Twitter Alerts. Keep everyone up to date with what's happening in your projects no matter where they are located.
  • Workspace Templates - Set up pre-configured workspaces with code, tickets, wiki pages, and files pre-loaded for your end-users. Once you create a template, you can submit it to us for inclusion in our workspace catalog.
  • Deployment Tools - Simplify project builds and deployments using our Server Tools. You can deploy code or trigger builds after each commit, every hour, or whenever you like!
  • Static Site Publishing - Publish and Maintain static websites to your own Assembla.me subdomain or your own hostname directly from your repository.
  • Fork & Merge for Git & Subversion - We are proud to offer the first Fork & Merge capable Subversion repositiories. All spaces with Git & SVN repositories can be forked, allowing other Assembla users to create an independent, child-copy (in their own free private space) of your project with complete revision history. This is great for encouraging your community to help squash bugs, develop new features, etc. When they are finished, they can submit a merge request, where you can review their changes and decide whether or not to merge their code back into your main project.

Secure & Reliable, Hassle-Free, Hosted Solution

Assembla hosts its servers in datacenters with world-class physical security and firewalling. (Learn more here) Because Assembla is a 100% hosted solution, there is nothing to install and as soon as you create your project's workspace, your project team can start their work immediately.

  • Simple View/Edit permissioning for team member's and community members.
  • All spaces include SSL-Encryption (128-Bit) and allow Optional IP restrictions to limit repository access to specific computers and networks.
  • Repositories are stored in a SAN wih built-in backup and redundancy.
  • Assembla synchronizes to off-site backups to protect against an unlikely case where all of the datacenter systems fail permanently.
  • You get your OWN backups. You can configure Assembla to send a complete backup of your repositories and all project data to your own S3 storage account, every night.

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