Getting Started is Easy

Migrating from Firefly to Assembla is as easy as selecting a free, trial plan and then importing your Firefly Trac and SVN files provided by Activestate. Choose either a Free Public Space, or Private Project Spaces to continue your work without interruption.

  • FREE 60-Day Trial
  • Preconfigured Trac and SVN Space
  • Upgrade and Get Access to More of Assembla's Tools
  • Extensive Catalog of Preconfigured Spaces for Other Tasks


Get a 60-Day Free Trial Private Plan!

For you, the Firefly user, we are offering an extended, Free Trial for any of our Private Plans. You'll have access to every tool that Assembla offers, as well as top-notch customer support and a vibrant development community to help you create software that's changing the world.

We've provided a preconfigured space for Trac/SVN to make the process easier for you to migrate to Assembla. Once you have registered, start customizing your Trac/SVN space even further by adding any number of Assembla's tools.

If you want more options than the base Trac/SVN space, you will find quite a few preconfigured spaces in our catalog. Each space is customized to meet a specific project need, and you can search for spaces via the tag cloud.
Check out the catalog to get started!

At the end of your trial, should you choose not to keep your subscription, all of your workspaces will be downgraded automatically to either Free Public Spaces or Free Private Repositories. You can manage, upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time by visiting the "Account" tab from your Assembla start page.


Get a Free Public Trac/SVN Space!

Assembla offers Free Public spaces to encourage Open Source collaboration among developers and companies. If you're working on a project in which you don't mind sharing your information with the public, then a Free Public Space is right for you.

We've created a catalog space just for your Trac/SVN needs, so all you need to do is create an account, and customize your space with information about your project.

Please be aware that all information in Free Public Plan spaces will be visible to other site visitors and search crawlers. 

Are you looking for a different kind of project space? We have a catalog full of preconfigured spaces that you can customize to fit your exact needs by selecting any number of Assembla's tools. Check out the catalog to get started!


Ellis Lab

"Assembla is the perfect blend of what our developers and our product owners need for project management... From ticket integration with our version control system, to the robust REST API, to time management, to the agile ticket planner, it’s near perfection. Assembla is the product that is saving us from having to write our own agile software management tools."

Derek Jones, CTO, EllisLab, Inc
makers of ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter

Learn more about Assembla


Our tightly-integrated and intelligent suite of tools can relieve your team of a lot of the grunt work involved in maintaining complex projects. Your clients will love assembla because of the ease with which they can share feedback on mockups, documents, and because our tools have low-learning curves.

Most of our 25 best-of-breed tools are integrated with each other to help you increase your productivity and stay focused on getting things done. For example, we’ve designed our ticketing and code repository tools so that you can easily link from your changesets to your tickets, and update the status of a ticket directly from your commit logs, saving you the extra step.

Other stand-out integration features you’ll find in Assembla tools include:

  • Team Unifying Activity Stream - Commits, Wiki Page Edits, File Uploads, Messages all unified in one place & available to your team & clients via Email, RSS & even Twitter Alerts. Keep everyone up to date with what's happening in your projects no matter where they are located.
  • Workspace Templates - Set up pre-configured workspaces with code, tickets, wiki pages, and files pre-loaded for instant productivity on common projects
  • Deployment Tools - Simplify project builds and deployments using our Server Tools. You can deploy code or trigger builds after each commit, every hour, or whenever you like!
  • Simplified Time Tracking - Team members can enter the time spent on a task directly from the ticket comments, and team managers & clients will see this in the user’s time sheet. Ideal for monitoring and keeping everyone on track when working in distributed teams.
  • Static Site Publishing - Publish and Maintain static websites to your own subdomain or your own hostname directly from your repository.
  • Team & Client-Level Permissions - You can choose what your clients have access to within your space. Share customer-facing documents, tickets, and messages, while keeping team-centric files, messages, and commits confined to your team.